It consists of Antihairloss Shampoo and Antihairloss Treatment with Rice proteins.

The life cycle of a hair has precise times and equilibriums. A hair is born, develops and falls following three successive phases:
Anagen: development and growth, this period lasts from 5 to 7 years.
Catagen: a period that sees a reduction in the activity of the follicle that "is resting". The duration of this period is about 2 to 3 weeks.
Telogen: in this period the hair, having ceased all activity, is isolated and falls.
At the same time a new hair is formed that replaces the preceding one and the cycle starts again from the Anagen phase; the lost hair is replaced by a new one. In normal conditions therefore, some 20 to 50 hairs fall each day. If the number of hairs that are lost is greater than this average, and especially, if the fallen hairs are not replaced by an equal number of hairs with equivalent diameter and quality, we will be facing a more serious type of loss situation. There are a number of factors that can provoke the excessive loss and the weakening of the hair: environmental conditions, stress, poor nutrition, debilitating illnesses, problems of a hormone or genetic nature and pharmaceuticals. All of us, on the other hand, are affected by so-called seasonal losses: the more or less intense loss of hair concentrated principally in spring and autumn. In these cases we must intervene with a cosmetic treatment programme that is aimed, specific and efficacious.

Clinical tests effected in cooperation with RISERVICE Srl-Scentific dpt.
Study effected for 90 days on a group of 20 volunteers with a clinical condition of androgenetic alopecia, 10 females included between I and II degree of the Ludwig scale, 10 males included between II and III degree of the Hamilton scale.
REDUCES the AMOUNT of HAIR LOSS in 95% of the cases after 90 DAYS (clinical and subjective evaluation). INCREASES TRACTION RESISTANCE in 95% of the cases.
-Reduces Dandruff ((judgment expressed by 76.5%of the cases that had the problem).
-Reduces Itching ((judgment expressed by 75% of the cases that had the problem).
-Reduces Greasiness ((judgment expressed by 84.2%of the cases that had the problem).
-Increases the hair Brilliance (judgment expressed by 85% of the volunteers).
-Increases the hair Volume(judgment expressed by 70% of the volunteers).

3 Antihairloss phials per week for 2 months (use in sinergy with the Antihairloss Shampoo).
Antihairloss Shampoo + 1 phials per week for at last 1 month (for further washings it is advisable to use the Delicate Dermo-Cosmetic Shampoo)..
Apply Anti-aging Multivitamin Concentrate from once a week to daily between cycles of the Antihairloss treatment (alternate the Antihair-loss Shampoo with Delicate Dermo-Cosmetic Shampoo).

-Antihairloss shampoo
Rice proteins: nutrient, moisturising, re-mineralising, softening, protective and substantiating.
Peony extract: soothing and protective properties on the scalp.

-Antihairloss Phial 
Rice proteins: nutrient, moisturising, re-mineralising, softening, protective and substantiating.
The AntihairLoss active ingredient is a synergy of components: extract of Horse Chestnut Tree, amino acids of Yeast extract, Caffeine, Biotin. It acts on the primary factors that cause hair loss: it inhibits the 5-alfa-reduttasi enzyme, regulates sebaceous secretion, improves the microcirculation of the scalp, performs a lenitive action and promotes the natural vital cycle of the hair.
Peony extract: soothing and protective properties on the scalp.