Coloured hair needs particular care. In fact, after the colour treatment, hair can be weakened and lose its brilliance and softness. We need to intervene with specific treatments studied especially to deal with coloured hair, adding the right amount of nourishment and moisture and protecting the colour intensity from the suns rays and pollution. The new Orizya line, thanks to its natural active ingredients, provides nourishment, moisture and protection to guarantee healthy, soft and lustrous coloured hair.

Colour Protection Shampoo + Colour Protection Serum at every washing + Colour Protection Mask once every 2 weeks.
Colour Protection Shampoo + Colour Protection Mask + Colour Protection Serum once a week (to ensure a longer lasting and a more brilliant colour we advise to use the Serum every day on hair lenghts and tips.)

Rice Proteins: several properties: nutrient, moisturising, re-mineralising, softening, protective and substantiating.
Cherry: a mixture of vitamin extracts taken from the Bitter Cherry and the Acerola Cherry, also called Indies cherry. Ideal to nourish and hydrate the hair.
Tea: an original association of Green Tea, White Tea and Red Tea. Thanks to the high polyphenol and flavonoid content,it is an excellent anti-oxidant. This mixture of teas rich in polyphenols and flavonoids has an anti-radical effect and performs protective action against UV rays and pollution.